New Canadiana :: Goose Lake – Wakewind

Goose Lake - Wakewind
One could be forgiven in thinking the scene revolving around Grande Prairie is the result of some kind of immaculate conception. The most salient feature of the region is transience, and the terminal moraine left in the wake of musicians coming and going is being documented like the points of some constellation half-familiar to anybody who grew up in a remote city; an abstract map in search of territory. Goose Lake, Alberta — located near the intersection of Highway 658 and Township Road 614B — stares up into this solar apex, with guitars and voices and votive offerings to the remote.

[audio:|titles=Goose Lake – At the Gate] Goose Lake – At The Gate
[audio:|titles=Goose Lake – Roses Hallowed] Goose Lake – Roses Hallowed

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birthed: 2012-08-08

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