New Canadiana :: DJ Kinetik – Cosmik Freakout 1-3

DJ Kinetik Gif (Cosmik Freakout)
Finally, an after school special starring puppets of your favourite underground hip-hop producers beating each other with mallets, smarming their way through a poorly-written buddy cop/blaxploitation film, taking wikked long smoke breaks through the grainy orange-and-indigo sunset, and rolling their ’82 Cutlass into the go-go dancer night. Mastermind producer DJ Kinetik is the man behind the mix; through these three 45-minute tapes, he has collected, cut, and crossfaded his way through piles of 45s to compile some of the most fantastic legit grooves with the relatively oblique. For those with a sense of humour and nostalgia, this should be a no-brainer.

[audio:|titles=DJ Kinetik – Cosmik Freakout 3] DJ Kinetik – Cosmik Freakout 3

file under: cassette, manitoba, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2012-08-27

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