New Canadiana :: Various Artists – PIXXX3

Various Artists - PIXX3
Following a sacral network of obscure contours to somewhere in the middle of Calgary and Vancouver (perhaps in some rune-filled terminus), the members of USSR congregate and document themselves. PIXXX3 finds them frozen like statues buried under the ash of some great Pompeii, caught unawares in the midst of some unknown millenarian liturgy, their ritualized poses interlocking through unknown geometries towards a transcendental logic. Hobo Cubes’ bubbling opening overlooks an abyss of tenebrous depths and sonorous chambers, explored by the voices of Aaron Sereda and Josh Fraser. Burro’s pall of desert dissonance collapses into Mongst’s expansive drone. Country and Western offers Teutonic excursions while Cadillac Spring blasts damaged acrid folk. Everything fits. Highly recommended: listen to the whole thing here.

[audio:|titles=Hobo Cubes – Lightspeed] Hobo Cubes – Lightspeed
[audio:|titles=Fraser/Sereda – Untitled] Fraser/Sereda – Untitled
[audio:|titles=Valiska – Storm/Cave] Valiska – Storm/Cave

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birthed: 2012-07-26

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