New Canadiana :: The Spys – Machine Shop b/w Underground

The Spys - Machine Show bw Underground
Dredged up from the industrialist-scarred hippocampus of Windsor, ON, The Spys were Southwestern Ontario’s finest ponx first-wavers. Here, the scintillatingly melodic proof that in 1979, as in 2012, Fords ruined cities: “Machine Shop” defies their hometown’s futureless, blue-collar bleakness one minimalist solo — and jazzy intro — at a time. On the flip, “Underground” tucks itself into the imperial bedroom of American power pop, emerging with a remarkably futurist-feeling recessionista anthem. (As it turns out, slugging wine, underemployment and the existential void aren’t particular to current eras.) Consider the Spys one of the deepest — and unforgettable — notches on Rose City‘s rust belt.

[audio:|titles=The Spys – Underground] The Spys – Underground

file under: 7", New Canadiana, ontario.

birthed: 2012-07-24


2 thoughts on “New Canadiana :: The Spys – Machine Shop b/w Underground

  1. I was 16 when this record came out. And when I got my drivers license I’d drive all of my friends to see them play at whatever dive bar or club they were playing at.

    And my best friend’s big sister dated one of the guys in the band. That gave us a bit of street cred…. ha ha.

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