New Canadiana :: Elrichman – Clarity

Elrichman - Clarity
In the remake of this ‘60s cult classic Paul Erlichman (played by Pete Townshend) leaves his soul/band mates in Gay, changes his name to Elrichman to dodge prejudice, and moves to glamorous Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being a songwriter to the stars. Along the way he meets a wise, mysterious hitchhiker named Nelo who shows him a new way to play his guitar. Finally in Hollywood he struggles to win the respect of his peers, all of who are played by Randy Newman and Burt Bacharach at various points in their lives. One day, while singing for nickels by the fountain in the park, he discovers he can converse with woodland creatures. Aided by his new friends, he comes to the rescue of a wayward E Street Band who are lost without a leader. Elrichman forms a tight psychic bond with Clarence Clemons (played by Sean Nicholas Savage), and as Clarence dies he whispers “If you need me, look for me in your little fingers. That’s where we’ll hide our friendship.” The film ends with Elrichman wrapping his arms around his dreams and becoming the head songwriter for The Monkees (all of who are played by Harry Nilsson in wacky wigs), but then realizing the happiness he was looking for was always inside of him, he returns home to play with Gay (played by the city of Toronto).

[audio:|titles=Elrichman – The Shah and I] Elrichman – The Shah and I
[audio:|titles=Elrichman – Mansion] Elrichman – Mansion

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