New Canadiana :: Sheer Agony – 7″

Sheer Agony - 7 inch
Montreal’s heppest combo graduate to a pop PhD with this master class platter. 2/4 of the dearly departed Play Guitar and the jazz hands of Silver Dapple have been obsessive-compulsively honing their chops in afterparty venues and analog basements before unleashing eight minutes of jangular heaven on an unsuspecting public. Pay your respects at the temple of tone and let it wash over you like underwater moonlight.

[audio:|titles=Sheer Agony – She’s An Artist] Sheer Agony – She’s An Artist
[audio:|titles=Sheer Agony – Good Cats Go To Heaven] Sheer Agony – Good Cats Go To Heaven

file under: 7", New Canadiana, quebec.

birthed: 2012-06-25

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