New Canadiana :: Soft Mirage – Ionian Dream

Soft Mirage - Ionian Dreams
Bold enough to ride the crests of sinusoids so soft they make Bruce Cockburn sound like the Dry Heaves, Soft Mirage transfigure every open space into lush, organic hyperbole. The ephemeral git-synth moves of Montreal heavyweight Christian Richer have joined with synthianado Panabrite for a trans-dimensional journey into the event-horizon of cassette culture.

[audio:|titles=Soft Mirage – Courtyards of Atlantis] Soft Mirage – Courtyards of Atlantis
[audio:|titles=Soft Mirage – Colorsound] Soft Mirage – Colorsound

file under: cassette, New Canadiana, quebec.

birthed: 2012-05-30

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