New Canadiana :: Ocular Gymnastics – Vol. 1

Ocular Gymnastics - Vol. 1
Encased in a squeeze box of screen printed palms, Ocular Gymnastics’ debut transmission is as lavishly packaged as it is blissful. Pedal-jammed Casio meditations cast ripples across the mind-pond while the mountain of found-sound percussion clanks and rattles down the cortex. Only Moduli TV could provide suitable visual accompaniment for these C.H.U.D. ravers in a tropical time-warp à la Bamboo For Two.

[audio:|titles=Ocular Gymnastics – Side A] Ocular Gymnastics – Side A
[audio:|titles=Ocular Gymnastics – Side B] Ocular Gymnastics – Side B

file under: cassette, New Canadiana, quebec.

birthed: 2012-05-02

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