New Canadiana :: John Milner You’re So Boss – 7″

John Milner You're So Boss - 7"
Convenience stores emit sounds so high pitched that adults can’t hear to ward off young people from loitering (what we used to call “hanging out”). Reverse this hypothesis and lo, a sound that shakes soil and loam to drag up undergrounders from the deep who can dance with their eyes closed. Metal gates creak open in Sodom to welcome those shunned from the sidewalks and we fall, tripping over cracks. This overtly rude foursome can’t help but glue together weirdos and fun-boys, calling the rest of us a bunch of Taquito-eating old folks. If you think you’ve got it on the wrong speed, it’s right.

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John Milner You’re So Boss – Side A [Excerpt – Study Service, Meat Shits, Gr3, Wide Mart, Hope Void]

file under: 7", New Canadiana, ontario.

birthed: 2012-05-01


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  1. The answer is…

    Yes. Yes, this 7″ is available at Hot Dog thru the incredible ppl at Pleasence Records. Co-Label-Boss Deirdre might be the best!?

    And ‘Take a Bow James’!

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