New Canadiana :: Actual Water – The Paisley Orchard

Actual Water - The Paisley Orchard
Actual Water have emerged a pop monstrosity from the mirth of fidelic ruin; their debut LP exists within an echo-chamber of guitar-laced jangle and humoured rhythm, making each stab more destructively addicting. With bludgeoned flare, The Paisley Orchard‘s euphoric clamour induces a slurred frenzy of popular distaste. The entire package is some top of the line wine for the ruinous at heart. Top 10 of the year for sure. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

[audio:|titles=Actual Water – Pale Ways] Actual Water – Pale Ways
[audio:|titles=Actual Water – Summer In The End] Actual Water – Summer In The End
[audio:|titles=Actual Water – Brighton] Actual Water – Brighton

file under: 12", New Canadiana, ontario.

birthed: 2012-05-16

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