Departures :: Kitty Rouler – My Boyfriend b/w Version [1988]

Kitty Rouler - My Boyfriend b/w Version

The physical connections between Jamaica and Toronto have been well documented by one Kevin Sipreano. Less known amongst the gripper elite are the abundance of fantastic dancehall singles produced in the heart of TO. Kitty Rouler’s stock-label entry on the ubiquitous Toronto imprint Classic Sounds is an addictive conjuring of dancehall-fuzed 80s R&B. Kitty’s staccato, pseudo-rap delivery, with pitched melodies, strangely anthemic flow, and relentless pursuit of her lyrical boyfriend, mutates traditional rhythms into a netherworld of clurb bangin’ and ep swingin’. It’s immediacy and nuanced personality made it an instant classic at WC HQ after Brandon Hocura dropped the bomb on us. “My Boyfriend” pre-dates Mike Jones‘ telephone # drop by 20 years, making it a proto-Swishahouse classic. Super grip.

Les connexions physiques entre la Jamaïque et Toronto ont été bien documentées par un Kevin Sipreano. Moins connu parmi les saisisseurs d’élite est l’abondance de solos de salle de danse fantastique produits au cœur de TO. L’entré du label de stock de Kitty Rouler sur l’empreinte omniprésente Classic Sounds de Toronto est une conjuration addictante de R&B des 80 de salle de danse fusionnée. Le staccato de Kitty, la distribution de pseudo-rap, avec de hautes mélodies, un courant étrangement hymnique et une infatigable poursuite de son petit copain en paroles, se mute en rythmes traditionnels dans un enfer de tapage de clubs et de swing d’EP. Son immédiateté et sa personnalité nuancée l’en a fait un classique instantané au QG de WC après que Brandon Hocura ait lâché la bombe sur nous. ‘’My Boyfriend’’ précède la tombé de telephone # de Mike Jones de 20 ans, en faisant un classique proto-Swishahouse. Super-saisi.

Kitty Rouler – My Boyfriend

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6 thoughts on “Departures :: Kitty Rouler – My Boyfriend b/w Version [1988]

  1. There are a handful of guys in town to which the dancehall singles are far from lesser known. Failed to mention this label is the natural dancehall label extension of studio genius Ossie Creary of Summer and Half Moon.

    • I meant “less known” in comparison to the material on From Jamaica to Toronto. Certainly, to dancehall collectors and people interested in Toronto reggae, Classic Sounds is well known and documented.


      Aaron Levin

  2. nice post, but JA/TDOT connex far from ephemeral… even the original records themselves, that for the most part failed to register at time of release, have continued to spread decades after the fact thanks to DJ/soundsytem culture (hi K!) and (to quote val bent/the mighty pope) “eternal love.”

    another example of toronto dancehall (from the summer records anthology 1974-1988)…

    here’s a link to the 6 albums in the jamaica-toronto archival series for anyone interested (really, just a small selection of what was produced by the jamaican-canadian community in the 1960s-80s)…

    Various Artists-Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974

    Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy-s/t

    Jackie Mittoo-Wishbone

    Noel Ellis-s/t

    Various Artists-Summer Records Anthology: 1974-1988

    Earth, Roots & Water-Innocent Youths


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