New Canadiana :: Scab Smoker – Scab Smoker

Scab Smoker - Scab Smoker
A power trio which sways from down-tempo doom to British Heavy Metal, and their drummer’s tape manipulations are the glue that holds it all together? If the tectonic shifts don’t diminish you with a blink, nervous hums will creep up through Crabskull’s eerie non-sequiturs and form pustules on any clean mind — infectious stoner metal in its newest mutation, perversion, persuasion, enticing all to bang head, bang head, bang head.

[audio:|titles=Scab Smoker – Butcher of Daemons] Scab Smoker – Butcher of Daemons
[audio:|titles=Scab Smoker – Call of the First Aethry] Scab Smoker – Call of the First Aethry

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birthed: 2012-04-05

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