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RatTail - RatTail
If the world was right, all teenage girls would be listening to Rattail. Sonically, this clutch of Torontonian dreamers bears passing resemblance to certain excellent dream-poppers and shoegaze babes. All three bands excel at ethereal darkish rock, making songs that explode in the body like cloudy, pretty bubbles of viscera. Rattail’s sound is distinguished by Jasmyn Burke, whose voice falls somewhere in the ether between between Ruth Brown and Exene Cervenka. She keens, she wails, she snarls, she sounds like a baby or an regal dame or a monster. She observes her world with a detachment that is equally cynical and curious and it sounds great. To me, Rattail embodies the contradictions of growing older – the coolness, the calmness, the swirling confusion, the fucked-up sense of wondering.

[audio:|titles=RatTail – In Bloom] RatTail – In Bloom
[audio:|titles=RatTail – Gasmask] RatTail – Gasmask
[audio:|titles=RatTail – Soon Enough] RatTail – Soon Enough

file under: 12", New Canadiana, ontario.

birthed: 2012-03-07

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