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Mathematics Odyssey by Kent Windermere
Clean, austere, marmoreal: the penetrating realism of the DIY choose-your-own-adventure Mathematics Oddyssey by Kent Windermere, illustrated by Eugena Simington, is the perfect fictionification of everyone’s first real analysis professor. The author’s outlook for the future treads a careful path between bleak and hopeful. Were he constrained to the typical linear narrative, he would have been forced to come to terms with the ultimate conclusions to which all stories refer: the continuity of life, the inevitability of death. From his own uncertainties Kent crafts something much more elusive: an expression of the stress that is caused by the knowledge that your life depends solely on your choices. Though focused tightly on mathematics throughout (and let me stress this point: contemporary research-level mathematics, and the style of life such research provides), the message applicable to you and I rings loud and clear: choose wisely.

Mathematics Oddyssey - Back Cover
Mathematics Odyssey - Excerpt
Mathematics Odyssey - Choice

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