New Canadiana :: Philia – Arma Tribute 1. and 5 Pieces

Philia - Arma Tribute 1. and 5 Pieces
Not all of us can take the trip that is the Assiniboine Music Armada, canoeing from Brandon to Winnipeg with psych-folk band Twin to communities through wilderness, but some can certainly admire the spirit, for those of us who believe in spirits anyhow. Phantom embodied, Greg Hanec’s tribute to the tour (performed and recorded at Twin’s return show to Winnipeg) plays like an NFB nature doc — expansive, quiet stretches, sounds of water splashing, and birds chirping — accompanied by Philia’s concentrated atonal arsenal. Elsewhere, he’s making music out of whatever he can get his hands on: cello samples, the open back of a piano, and his own field recordings of a bus door opening and closing. What’s at play is what usually isn’t played, and the subdued floats on down, up, and by.

[audio:|titles=Philia – Arma Tribute 1] Philia – Arma Tribute 1
[audio:|titles=Philia – Cellogroove] Philia – Cellogroove

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birthed: 2012-01-13

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