New Canadiana :: Nick Storring – Rife

As a compilation of Storring’s electroacoustic variété, Rife hints at the hidden majesty lurking within his many mental membranes. The searing vision lies between the strung wisdom of his violin and the electroacoustic prowess harnessed by modern digitalia; dense ethnographic footprints imprinted within our curious minds. The heavy THX moves coalesce within beds of a private world processed for our unguided meditation. A valiant expression of creative experimentalism worth all the honours stowed upon him. Freeze-dried for a gripper’s safe keeping.

[audio:|titles=Nick Storring – artifact 2] Nick Storring – artifact 2
[audio:|titles=Nick Storring – artifact 3] Nick Storring – artifact 3

file under: compact disc, New Canadiana, ontario.

birthed: 2011-12-14

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