New Canadiana :: Duchess Says – In a Fung Day T!

Machete-cut chunks sliced straight out of the post-punk ether, Duchess Says reiterate their whirlwind shrieks and jabbing throbs, rousing your tendons into unconditional muscular praise. Join the noise-wave church of switchblade synths and bass bullies, their tortures involving dissonant Moog squelches, sweaty mosh pits, frantic dancefloors and a few slower songs. Oh, and of course everything singer Annie-Claude hurls at you.

[audio:|titles=Duchess Says – Narcisse] Duchess Says – Narcisse

[audio:’ordre_Des_Secteurs_1.mp3|titles=Duchess Says – L’ordre Des Secteurs]Duchess Says – L’ordre Des Secteurs

file under: 12", New Canadiana, quebec.

birthed: 2011-11-14

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