New Canadiana :: Le Révélateur – Fictions

Roger Tellier-Craig’s roots run deep in the Montreal music subterrain, yet he’s truly launched into the stratosphere with the kosmische synth solo mission Le Révélateur. Fictions is a glorious deluge of chromatic aberrations and krautrock apparitions, cascading from ear to ear through a spellbinding array of incandescent arpeggios. Combined with the soft focus visions of Sabrina Ratté, the bar has been raised to astonishing heights. Pressed in a ludicrously small run of 500 copies, so grip this brilliant slab before it’s cosmic dust.

[audio:|titles=Le Révélateur – Age Maze] Le Révélateur – Age Maze

[audio:|titles=Le Révélateur – Bleu Nuit] Le Révélateur – Bleu Nuit

file under: 12", New Canadiana, quebec.

birthed: 2011-08-19


7 thoughts on “New Canadiana :: Le Révélateur – Fictions

  1. super awesome went out and got it right after reading this.

    odd that this is only the second weird canada post to warrant the mighty tag of “krautrock.” get to work on that, won’t you mr locke?

  2. The new Fadeaway batch is rocking my world. I need to grip this Fictions album too! Amazing stuff! How do you recommend I get my hands on? Doesn’t look like it can be ordered from Gneiss. Any tips?

  3. You can order the LP through a number of distributors/online stores, including Mimaroglu Music Sales, Tomentosa, Experimedia, Bent Crayon and also Volcanic Tongue & Aguirre in Europe…


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