Departures :: Bernard Bonnier – Casse-Tête Musique Concrète

After studying with musique concrète demigod Pierre Henry, Bernard booked it to Quebec City and brewed his incredibly forward-scheming proto-dance collage. Casse-Tête, literally translating to “Head-Breaker”, is a puzzling exploration of break-beat montage. Bernard scaffolds the boundaries of rhythmic sensation and pounds through scraps of sinusoidal decay, beating societies remnant audio into a violent drum-laden melee of modern-dance predication. No less revolutionary than the acid-house visions of Charanjut Singh, Bernard’s genius resides in pushing these limits from the forgotten snippets of sound permeating our everyday ether. Originals are tough; thankfully reissues exist. Canon grip.

[audio:|titles=Bernard Bonnier – I Can’t Sing] Bernard Bonnier – «I Can’t Sing…»
[audio:|titles=Bernard Bonnier – La grinçant Mr. smile] Bernard Bonnier – La grinçant Mr. smile

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birthed: 2011-07-28

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