New Canadiana :: Dog Day – The Scratches EP

The title track from Dog Day’s latest release as a two-piece steps between the swirls of dreams and the maddening grip of stupid insomnia. The spiraling keyboards from the band’s previous incarnation are no longer present, and in their stead we have Seth’s guitars and Nancy’s drums beating out a crunchy refrain while their pure wondering kid-voices bemoan all the thoughts of money and friends and old lovers circling around and around, wearing grooves in the brain along with the ticking of the hours. “Belle” is a wilder, more anxious jam that chugs forward and whispers a story of psychedelic, beautifully skittish bird-love. In the last song, “Give Me the Light,” Nancy’s tiny voice hums while the guitars groove roughly and Seth sighs and grumbles a little until the chorus tears a little crack open and a slip of daytime appears. Oh Dog Day. These three perfect songs stay heavy while easing the weight and softening the furrows of the heart.

[audio:|titles=Dog Day – Scratches] Dog Day – Scratches
[audio:|titles=Dog Day – Belle]Dog Day – Belle

file under: 7", New Canadiana, nova scotia.

birthed: 2011-06-15


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