New Canadiana :: Babysitter – Tape III

Babysitting is a rite of passage for many suburban teens, much like drinking covert beer and jamming the Stooges is for many more a rebellious youth. It’s not a stretch to think that the dudes of Babysitter spent their formative years doing just that – listening to beer-drenched shreddery built from minimal beats, lacerating riffs and howling vocals. Thankfully, they play it all with enough recklessness and discipline to make it seem genuinely wild, permeating your mind with brilliant teenage nostalgia.

[audio:|titles=Babysitter – Summer of Luv] Babysitter – Summer of Luv
[audio:|titles=Babysitter – Paralyzer Ponch] Babysitter – Paralyzer Ponch

file under: british columbia, cassette, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2011-06-30


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