New Canadiana :: The Ether – Dead Scene Politics b/w 96 Tears

With infinite drones of granular noise, The Ether dismantle ? and the Mysterians “96 Tears” into blissful nihilism. It’s the perfect trajectory for the moodier garage-punk of the 21st century: manic threads of derisive tone, painful hollaramas, and the burnt guitar leads of a desolate future. The Ether remain a vision into an apocalyptic groove transcending metaphysical mediums in sinusoidal abandon. Get sicc with it.

Avec d’infinis drones de bruits granulaires, les Ether démantèlent? Et les Mysterians ‘’96 Tears’’  en un nihilisme divin. C’est la trajectoire parfaite pour le punk de garage plus tempéramentale du 21e siècle : des fils maniaques de ton dérisoire, de douloureuses hollaramas et ses solos de guitare brûlé d’un futur désolé. Les Ether restent une vision dans une cavité apocalyptique transcendant les médiums métaphysiques dans un abandon sinusoïdale. Synchronisez-vous avec.

The Ether – 96 Tears

The Ether – Dead Scene Politics

file under: cassette, New Canadiana, nova scotia.

birthed: 2011-05-30


5 thoughts on “New Canadiana :: The Ether – Dead Scene Politics b/w 96 Tears

  1. one thing i’ve noticed about weird canada reviews is that they never criticize. they simply attempt to describe the sound of music they enjoy using unnecessarily dense thesaurus-buried adjectives. Then they usually end with a ejaculatory phrase that means nothing.

  2. that’s because the writers are enthusiastically endorsing the music. if you want the good/bad, 0 – 5 star reviews, read the newspaper.

  3. my newspaper usually doesn’t write about the ether. also i dont get any newspaper because it’s a waste of money just for music reviews. I feel like the adjective density and constant ringing praise on all the reviews gets away from its their own meanings and actually say little about the music. The music is very good, don’t get me wrong, but you gotta criticize sometimes. I thought weird canada was a cool review site but your telling me it is just a promotional tool.

  4. Hi Mohamed,

    Thanks for your comments and questions! To summarize our position on the notion of critical journalism, I will state Weird Canada’s mantra: We are not interested in musical criticism. We are interested in musical enthusiasm.

    In my humble opinion, more music is shared, enjoyed, and discovered by friends telling each other about albums and artists they love. Much more so than journalists criticizing the music that is sent to them. With that in mind, upon starting Weird Canada, a site dedicated to exploring new Canadian music, I figured the best way to do this was to:

    1) Include playable mp3s in every post, so the listener can determine on their own if they love or dislike something.

    2) Keep the written content short. The emphasis should be on discovery and therefore the user experience should include visiting the site and being presented with a multitude of posts.

    3) Focus on posting about music the writers love to stay in line with the philosophy that more music is discovered by sharing.

    4) The writing should be personal and expressive, to help communicate that emotional attachment to the music and discovery.

    5) Always remember it’s about the music and not the written word. The word is secondary.

    I hope this clarifies why we do things the way we do. It’s certainly not for everyone. If you’re looking for a “review” site or musical criticism, that’s not really our forte.


    Aaron Levin
    Weird Canada

  5. ^Class. My original comment seems pretty mean spirited and for that tone i apologize. As you can probably tell i am pretty passionate about music and the written word both. just trying to add to the discourse. I think i was bothered by the notion that all these synopsi were essentially playing it safe by refraining from criticism, but i see now your mission is to promote a weirder sound in canadian music. I guess in a way your opinions show through based on what you choose to post and what you choose not to post. The tracks are always appreciated, thanks for clearing that up.

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