New Canadiana :: Brazilian Money – This Is Not A Dream

The boys from Brazil (ian Money) throw it all at the wall on their latest c32 dispatch, and — surprise, surprise — everything sticks. Like an overheated Pizza Pop™, This Is Not A Dream bursts at the seams with genre-blurring gunk rockers, bellyaching’ bummer folk and falsetto piss ‘n’ vinegar. Guitars warble and strum with hand-bleeding repetition, horns squeal like a second line and frontman Garrett Johnson hog hollers in a variety of voices. Wake up and grip with the sweaty-palmed quickness.

[audio:|titles=Brazilian Money – Party Til I’m Dead]Brazilian Money – Party Til I’m Dead
[audio:|titles=Brazilian Money – Then You’ll Know] Brazilian Money – Then You’ll Know
[audio:|titles=Brazilian Money – Give Up That Dog]Brazilian Money – Give Up That Dog

file under: alberta, cassette, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2011-05-11

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