Wyrd III :: Traveling Line-Up Announcement!

Today is your last day to vote. These final hours are ripe to give you one more reason to believe. BOOM: our keystrokes are bursting with galvanized fervor as we present the official traveling line-up for Wyrd III and the brand new Wyrd Montreal:

///// WYRD III /////

Red Mass
Dirty Beaches
Wyrd Visions
Sex Church
Long, Long, Long
Hobo Cubes
Bernardino Femminieli
Velvet Chrome
Feral Children
Silver Dapple
Makeout Videotape
Role Mach

???Secret Surprise Guest??? (TBA May 10, 2011)

This wyld traveling caravan (plus local shreddery and other surprises) will be bursting through the following cities:

MAY 20 :: EDMONTON @ Dinwoodie
MAY 21 :: CALGARY @ No. 1 Legion
MAY 22 :: VANCOUVER @ Waldorf Hotel

Tickets for Wyrd III will be available April 1st, 2011! Full band bios, schedule, and other details will be posted next week! Please help us tell the world!

PS – We are doubly excited to let a little secret loose: many of these bands will be tearing through Montreal for a new incarnation of Wyrd. Details soon!


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40 thoughts on “Wyrd III :: Traveling Line-Up Announcement!

  1. Hank,

    Hah. I’d like to know who from this list you think is vying for Pitchfork’s attention. Only two bands on there have ever really been mentioned on the site. And the rest are making music that is rarely covered within their cosmos.




    Aaron Levin
    Weird Canada / Wyrd

  2. What a great line-up. So pumped to finally see Red Mass and Se Church, and it’s been too long since I’ve seen Wyrd Visions and Famines, oh and Makeout Videotape, Ketamines, jeez. And the surprise guest! I am excited.

    And for the less important issue:

    Ha, Hank, it’s hard to even explain how out-of-touch you are as a troll! Get real, bud.

  3. Firstly, I’m not a troll, but just a dude with an opinion.
    I just feel that some of those selections are a bit obvious. There are a tonne of bands out there who would make much more interesting choices. I won’t name any because I don’t want them to be hated upon.
    Just saying that maybe those bands who wish to go the Pitchfork route should be left to rot in the world of fecundity they are begging for, instead of tainting an otherwise decent line-up.

  4. Hey Hank,

    Thanks for replying and for supplying that kind of feedback.

    It’s just kind of strange because all of these bands are bands that Werid Canada has been covering over the past year. Maybe this is why they seem so familiar or obvious? A few of them have been bumped onto the radar (which is awesome, regardless of which site is singing their praise), but most have not. They may be obvious choices to those reading the site, but they’re certainly not to anyone living in the West Coast. Red Mass, Long, Long, Long, Hobo Cubes, Velvet Chrome, Wyrd Visions, Bernardino Femminieli, and our surprise guest are all bands that haven’t been out here (and may never) was it not for a convincing invite.

    There are always great bands that get left out. This is just a reality when you have a festival occurring in one single evening, programmed in a manner that doesn’t force bands to compete against each other for an audience.

    As for this Pitchfork route, I’m not really sure what that means or why it matters. I’ve never understood the Pitchfork hatred. They have a good site with some quality writing.


    Aaron Levin

  5. if i may interject… (i am not really asking here… i am going to interject the fuck out of this thread…)

    i know which two bands have recently had some pitchfork love. just because some “influential” music site has heard of these acts, it doesn’t immediately diminish their talent. both acts work harder than 99% of bands. they tour relentelessly. they are DIY all the way. self releases. booking their own shows. hard working, genuine people.

    now, mr. jesus (is it pronounced HEY ZEUS?) do you know these people personally? have you ever talked to them face to face? have you ever even listened to one of their records? i am presuming you have not.

    if you disagree with the line-up of wyrd, by all means, start your own festival. everyone on here encourages it. we need more cool shows in canada. hell… most people on this site (those pitchfork-y bands included) will likely help you…

    weird canada is here to help bands/ labels/ music lovers… not become some wasteland of meaningless, misguided negativity.

    what i am really trying to say here is, “shut your mouth, do something other than judge people you don’t know and create something yourself that doesn’t conflict with your anti-“wow, a few people have heard of these bands”edness.” until you do so, try not ripping on people who are actually doing what they can to do good things for canadian music.

    interjectingly yours,

    ps… i hope hank jesus isn’t someone important… like DRAKE…

  6. Hank, Saying “I’m not a troll” doesn’t make you any less of a troll. You’ve written an unfounded complaint based on the idea that a website paying attention to two bands on a 15 band bill somehow taints the whole line-up. And, really, is every line-up that has a few obvious-according-to-Hank picks a “shit show”? You’re not just a guy with an opinion, you’re a prick trying to insult some hard work and trying to pick apart a solid line-up with unnecessary juvenile and baseless complaints. Your clownish more-obscure-than-thou attitude is cliche and kind of embarrassing.

  7. first of all dirty beaches and gobble gobble are NOT “vying” for pitchfork’s attention. pitchfork gives attention to whoever the fuck they want and it’s a lottery.

    SECONDLY are you assuming that any band or artist that ISN’T DIY is a hack? i can think of a shitload of absolutely amazing artists and bands who all have PR agents, booking agents, etc. i’ve heard a lot of really amazing music on major labels, and i’ve heard a lot of terrible DIY music. good music and bad music can only be judged on WHETHER THE MUSIC IS ANY GOOD, and not on any ancillary bullshit.

  8. I am excited for the festival.

    Also, the Wyrd III image is pretty amazing.

    But how about “anyone who thinks it’s too obvious can politely say so, and we can agree to disagree” instead?

  9. I’m just happy we’re having a conversation.
    My previous statement was written in haste. I’m sorry if I didn’t articulate further.
    I’m sure those Pitchfork-endorsed bands mean well. It’s just once your band is endorsed by Pitchfork it probably means your sound has been watered down from its original thickness. That’s when those types of sites tend to notice bands: not when they’re in their prime, but when they’re running out of time.
    I’m not going to say whether I know them personally or not. That’s for me to know.
    All I’m saying is: let those bands wallow in the misery they’re trying to create for themselves and give those two spots to sweet acts who couldn’t give a shit about whether or not they have the right sound.

  10. I came here to make a joke about how only a total sell-out website would top CBC’s list, and then I saw this thread and realized that some people probably actually think that way.
    For real, the lineup looks amazing — I can’t wait to see Long Long Long live. This is gonna be a blast.

  11. I have the distinct feeling I know who Hank is, and let’s just say that it’s better to just leave everything alone.

    Thanks for the well-wishes, buddy. I’ll remember them when I’m playing Pitchfork Festival 2011 with my MEGA HYPED band Role Mach.

  12. Yea, it doesn’t seem like Hank is really worth responding to – he’s yet to make a point that has any bearing in the real world. I don’t think that Gobble or Dirty Beaches have really changed their sound in the past few years (i don’t think gbl ever did), and I don’t think that they’re about to “wallow in the misery they’re trying to create for themselves”. I mean, who could write such a sentence and mean it? Ridiculous.

    Geographing, do you mean that Hank’s a known dummy and reacting will just prolong our exposure to his silly worldview? Or do you mean that he’s some kind of big player? Anyway, Hank, feel free to make a statement that’s not totally stupid and maybe we can all engage in a “conversation” that doesn’t just involve people dismissing/insulting you.

  13. My unsolicited opinion:

    I do think a little healthy suspicion of Pitchfork is a good thing. Not because there’s anything inherently wrong with Pitchfork, but because we’ve all met those people whose entire music libraries are just Pitchfork’s Best New Music selections in chronological order. I like lots of those bands, too, but if music is (as I suspect) supposed to involve exploration and personal expression, then getting all of your musical information from one source seems pretty antithetical to that idea. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bands on Pitchfork or Pitchfork itself, but just with people who let Pitchfork do all their thinking for them. Like, there’s nothing wrong with a certain appreciation for mindless Top 40 (e.g. for dancing at the gay bar), but if that’s all you like or know, then you’re probably pretty stunted.

    Pitchfork is still a good resource, and I really don’t feel that any of these bands have or would changed themselves fundamentally for the sake of a Pfork nod. I’m sure a lot of the bands on this list who haven’t received blog acclaim potentially could and probably will, so there’s no point in saying that they have some essential integrity that GBL and Dirty Beaches lack.

  14. I mean that ‘Hank’ is almost assuredly someone I know and see in my day to day life, who I have thrown shows for, released stuff for, and just supported musically in general, who has decided to begin trolling positive shit in my life because he has no stopper for himself when it comes to being a complete and total fucking asshole.

  15. fuck… i always wondered what happened to soul decision. 3 words… FAVE BAND EVAH!!!! hank… will you sign my boobs (which have a huge soul decision tattoo sprawled across them)???

    let’s bring this thread back to reality. this line-up shreds. long long long is going to melt some west coast faces.

    and if anyone who attends happens to see me passed out in a chair somehwere, please carry me to your van and drag me to the next show… thanks in advance…

  16. Can’t believe I missed out on this thread. So bummed I didn’t get to throw a punch or two in.

    Hank, if you ever read this, you are full of shit. I’d like to know which bands you would have included? My guess is that your list would have changed since the beginning of March because they are no longer “fresh”.

    It’s people like you that keep musicians poor and under appreciated because they had the gall to exist more than a month. You are not a music fan, you are a fan of being “cool”.

    Who said you were invited anyways?

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