New Canadiana :: No Gold – No Gold

The debut LP from Unfamiliar Records’ No Gold starts with a blissed-out wormhole of kaleidoscoping liquid noise punctuated by percussive rattles and Phil Collins-esque tom-tom punches. Opener “Rainforce” gives a full-body dirty massage before dropping you in a humid garden of psychedelic fronds sprouting equatorial fruits, ripe and ready to spray tropical colours all over your palate. No Gold have come out from recording hibernation with a serious penchant for deep grooves, spinning themselves outward with mesmeric effects. Set to ensconce your lobes in a magic mushroom cloud, the Vancouver group nevertheless adhere to their own brand of stoner logic, exhibiting sharp moments of hooked-out melody and self-aware lyrics like “All that I can smell is weed and Nag Champa.” So it isn’t just me, then.

[audio:|titles=No Gold – Weird Week] No Gold – Weird Week
[audio:|titles=No Gold – Rainforts] No Gold – Rainforts

file under: 12", british columbia, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2011-02-16


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