New Canadiana :: Fist City // Timecopz – Split 7″

It’s like someone told both of these bands: “You only have five minutes to say everything you have planned for the next year,” and they nailed it into the ground. Fist City’s side has an amazing mix of precision and shambles, of dissonant guitar lines and totally uplifting sun-after-the-storm, muddy-voiced melodies. The trampling, mangled, spit-out warbling verses give way to trebly, simple guitar lines backing catchy-as-all-hell choruses. Timecopz keep pace with bratty, chunky, screamy garage-punk that stays away from all gimmick, giving nothing but two songs full of noisy, in-the-red energy. Group choruses and infectious verses mix punk’s past with punk’s future and give you punk rock for right now. MUST GRIP.

C’est comme si quelqu’un a dit aux les deux groupes: “Vous avez seulement cinq minutes pour dire tous ce que vous avez l’intention de dire cette année,” et ils ont tapé dans le mille. La face de Fist City a un mélange incroyable de la précision et de la pagaille, des riffs dissonantes de guitare, et des mélodies embrouillées, soleil-après-l’orage, et complètement exaltantes. Les vers piétinants, lacérés, crachants et gazouillants cèdent aux mélodies aiguës et simples de guitare derrière les refrains trop entraînants. Timecopz tient le rythme avec le garage-punk gâté, trapu, et hurlant qui évite tous les stéréotypes, en donnant deux chansons trempées d’énergie bruitiste et dans le rouge. Les refrains de groupe et les vers entraînants mélange le passé du punk avec l’avenir du punk et vous donne le punk pour juste maintenant. ACHETEZ.

Timecopz – Shit City

Fist City – Iggy Pup

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birthed: 2011-02-15


3 thoughts on “New Canadiana :: Fist City // Timecopz – Split 7″

  1. fist city is one of my favourite canadian bands at the moment… everyone needs to own this record.

    and everyone needs to support geographing. killer label!

    the scotch distro/ online store will also be carrying these… but buy them from the bands/ geographing first.

  2. the joy of the internet can be astounding from time to time. as i stumbled around the web linking link to link; opening this webpage to open another i came across weird canada. I liked the name so i hada loook and found this diamond. Time Copz – shit city is great. i mean its very ‘meat and two veg’ in approach and makes me think of the Fall. thanks guys a quallity track…..

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