New Canadiana :: Wyrd Visions // Castlemusic – My Boat b/w Voice of God

Wyrd Visions // Castlemusic
My Boat b/w Voice of God
(Blue Fog)
Toronto, ON
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From the (blue) fog bath of Michael Deane:
The Bog Lord and Haunting Pixie return to add to each other’s tales, but gently, with contemplative, (blue) fog-bathed, repetitively folk-essed meditations. Side Wyrd finds Colin Bergh reveling in single guitar riffs that cascade from their centre into softly sung Nordic tales. Finger-plucked medieval guitar patterns sit in the back while a four-note bass line twists and repeats. Bergh’s voice brings you further into a trance, struggling to find the beginning and end. When Jennifer Castle joins him, the waves combine and the tide swells, prepping you for Queen-like vocal stabs that bring this to new levels of acoustic-black-metal-folk-prog. Side Castle flips the script with a delicately plucked minor guitar pattern and soulfully smooth, airy vocals examining the powers above. Sporadic toms fill in the emptiness to give a surprisingly lush start to this solo-turned-strange-duet. Bergh re-enters the fold, echoing CM’s questioning of the voice of God. Together, they create an epically surreal musical landscape. Grip Hurr.
[audio:|titles=Wyrd Visions – My Boat] Wyrd Visions – My Boat
[audio:|titles=Castlemusic – Voice of God] Castlemusic – Voice of God

file under: 12", New Canadiana, ontario.

birthed: 2011-01-17


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  1. guv and i are releasing a lathe for wyrd visions for the limited lathe series we have going on. should be out late spring… then it will again be available on the 12″ that will follow the series…

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