New Canadiana :: Babysitter – Babysitter II

Leaping over formidable heaps of genre-fuckery, Victoria’s Babysitter have eclipsed the cresting waves of our modern pop singularity. Babysitter II is an enslaving excursion into hybridized pop-punk and thrash-it-yourself hard-rock with the wildest hook-filled gruntfoolery that-side of anywhere. Tuneless jangles permeate the anthemic hooks (“never gonna die! never gonna die! never gonna die!“) while ripping leads, busted solos, and unmitigated rhythmania hurl Babysitter II through your aural ethosphere. A real favorite around Weird Canada HQ, spawning multiple e-mail threads and putting into question my e-mail organization skills (lesson: if you don’t hear back, try again). GRIPORDIE!!!!

[audio:|titles=- Nineteen Sixty Nineties] Babysitter – Nineteen Sixty Nineties
[audio:|titles=Babysitter – Talkin’ ‘Bout the New Generation] Babysitter – Talkin’ ‘Bout the New Generation
[audio:|titles=- Angel of Death] Babysitter – Angel of Death

file under: british columbia, cassette, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2011-01-26


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