New Canadiana :: Dead Ghosts – Dead Ghosts

Dead Ghosts
Dead Ghosts
(Floridas Dying)
Vancouver, BC

From the living dead of Aaron Levin:
Bursting from the desperate vaults of R&R’s discrete past, Dead Ghosts is a shattering testament to the janglophone origins of pop. Reverberated country twang, phantasmic R&B, gnarly jangled garage, and indelible pop hooks bespeckle this game-changing thesis, throwing a Hegelian bomb into your square neighbor’s pool party. Grab the telephone, kick-down the door, wave your 4-4 and keep yelling: pop music ain’t gonna hit me no more. There ain’t nothing new without something old so grip it all while you’re still here to party.
[audio:|titles=Dead Ghosts – Off the Hook] Dead Ghosts – Off The Hook
[audio:|titles=Dead Ghosts – How the West Was Fun] Dead Ghosts – How The West Was Fun
[audio:|titles=Dead Ghosts – I Want You to Know] Dead Ghosts – I Want You To Know

file under: 12", british columbia, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2010-12-03


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  1. killer record! james brown is a strong first for me on this record, followed closely by detroit jerry, girl across the street and haunted house! lets get em back in edmonton real soon!

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