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On JAZZ’s debut c8, Weird Canada overlord Aaron Levin — backed by pals from Gobble Gobble, Dropping Out and the Wicked Awesomes! — channels his hyperbolic written enthusiasm into quadro-spazzed blink-and-you’ll-miss-‘em ragers. Fall might be creeping into winter, but international jangle-punk superhits like “Your Stuff”, “Cowboy” and especially the stupidly catchy “Summer” will bring you right back to the glorious (hot) dog days. Bonus points for the über creepy cover photo of Levin Senior and his leather-clad ladyfriend. Frettin’ about conflicts of interest is for chumps…

Sur les débuts c8 de JAZZ, le suzerain de Weird Canada, Aaron Levin- soutenu par des potes de GOBBLE GOBBLE, Dropping Out et les Wicked Awesomes!- canalise son enthousiasme hyperbolique écrit vers des fêtes de quadro-insomnie de cligne-des-yeux-et-tu-vas-les-manquer. L’automne peut bien ramper vers l’hiver, mais l’international punk cliquetant vous donne un super coup comme ‘’Your Stuff’’, ‘’Cowboy’’ et spécialement le stupidement accrocheur ‘’Summer’’ va vous rapporter aux jours glorieux de (hot) dog. Points bonus pour la photo de couverture über terrifante de Levin Senior et ses amies filles habillées de cuire. Se tracasser à propos des conflits d’intérêts c’est pour les idiots…

JAZZ – Your Stuff

JAZZ – Summer

file under: alberta, cassette, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2010-10-28


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  1. Bro, sick shit man. I am trying to decipher which is your voice. I vaguely remember you screaming like that when I broke your pinky finger, pulled your hair out, or stabbed you with a dart. Hmmmm… anyway… I be proud. 1 pinky finger up to you and your band mates!!!! :P

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