New Canadiana :: Women – Public Strain

From the strained, harrowing winces fluttering throughout “China Steps,” to the obliterated guitar wrenching on “Drag Open,” Women’s sophomore perturbation is a decimating paradigm shift within pop musicalia’s gothic waters. Mesmeric bass lines forge an unstoppable avant-pop matrix transfiguring all notions of stringed cacophony; harmonies dust their standing waves with glimmers of luminous decay; and an endless supply of static coalesces their rock abandon. For all its minor-key desolation, Public Strain is not without its hopeful glimmers; the singular listening experience is cemented with bursts of sunlight through splintering corsets of lysergia. Women have pushed broken destroyed annihilated all boundaries to liberate a brilliant array of chromatosed sinusoids.

Des grimaces claquées et éprouvantes qui battent pendant “China Steps”, jusqu’à l’arrachement détruit de guitare de “Drag Open”, la perturbation adolescente de Women est une révolution conceptuelle qui décime les eaux gothiques du pop musicalia. Les mélodies hypnotiques de basse façonnent une matrice irrésistible d’avant-pop qui transfigure toutes notions de cacophonie cordée; les harmonies sapoudrent leurs ondes stationnaires de miroitements de décomposition lumineuse; et une source intarissable de larsen se fond avec leur abandon rock. Malgré toute sa désolation en mode mineur, Public Strain n’est pas vide de miroitements d’espoir; l’expérience unique d’écoute est cimentée avec les éclats du soleil entre les corsets écailleux du LSD. Women ont repoussé cassé détruit anéanti toutes les limites pour libérer un étalage brillant de sinusoïdes chromatiques.

Women – China Steps

Women – Drag Open

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11 thoughts on “New Canadiana :: Women – Public Strain

  1. Every word is 100% true, even the stuff that made no sense.

    This is the best thing I’ve heard this year. The textures, the builds and breaks, the hints of lyrics through the murk. What planet do these guys come from?

    Can’t wait to see them with Liars next week in Ottawa.

  2. I just caught up with these guys tonight at the Mercury Lounge and they were incredible. Kudos to DD/MM/YY they also played exceptionally well, but I have to give to Women, they were unreal and on point. They were so good I’m bring my friends to their show again on Saturday. Excellent write up and good choice of samples, “China Steps” is one gnarly song!

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