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Long overdue debut LP from Toronto-based sexual hyperbole that collects material recorded between 1983 and 2009. Tonetta’s recipe for success consists of wasted erotic lo-fi dripping in wet bass, fruity drum loops, and occasional 80’s guitar sleaze; backdrops for his variety show of graphic sexual acts, perverts, prostitutes, drug use, hedonism and occasional political rhetoric. Once a song is recorded, Tonetta dons a costume (g-string, Kabuki mask, demon makeup, etc), takes off most of his clothes, and dances. After the initial sexual overload, a gripping desire to break through the facade takes over. The songs are compelling enough to dive right in and the LP, removed from the visceral overload, allows a new entry-point into Tonetta’s garish existence. As a compilation of material spanning 25 years, the album is one highlight after another, from the soaring 80’s cheese of “Drugs Drugs Drugs” and “I Want to Marry a Prostitute” (which could be a viagrafied Jimmy Buffett song), to the Bowie-esque album standout “I’m Still a Slave.” In the tradition of musical oddities like Jandek, J.T. IV, or more recently Blank Dogs, Tonetta is a mystery best left unsolved. Weird Canada grants this our highest recommendation.

Le début LP qui aurait dû être fait il y a tellement longtemps de sexual hyperbole de Toronto, qui ramasse la matière qui était enregistrée entre 1983 et 2009. La recette du succès selon Tonetta comprend le lo-fi bourré, érotique, et trempé de basse mouillée, les boucles fruitées de batterie et la vulgarité occasionnelle de la guitare aux années 80; ce sont les toiles de fond pour son spectacle de variétés qui comprennent le sexe cru, les pervers, les prostitués, la toxicomanie, l’hédonisme, et parfois la rhétorique politique. Une fois qu’une chanson est enregistrée, Tonetta met un costume (un string, un masque de kabuki, le maquillage de démon, etc), il enlève la plupart de ses vêtements, et il danse. Après la première surcharge sexuelle, il arrive une envie folle de démolir la façade. Les chansons sont aussi captivantes qu’on peut sauter là-dedans, et le LP, retiré de la surcharge viscérale, est un nouveau point d’entrée à l’existence criarde de Tonetta. En tant que compilation de matière de 25 ans, l’album est un flot de temps forts, du kitsch volant des années 80 de “Drugs Drugs Drugs” et “I Want to Marry a Prostitute” (qui pourrait être une chanson Viagra-lisé de Jimmy Buffett), jusqu’au morceau extraordinaire et Bowie-esque “I’m Still a Slave”. Dans la coutume des bizarreries musicales comme Jandek, J.T. IV, ou plus récemment Blank Dogs, Tonetta est une énigme mieux non résolue. Weird Canada vous la présente avec la meilleure recommandation.

Tonetta – Still A Slave

Tonetta – Drugs Drugs Drugs

Tonetta – John And Yoko

file under: 12", New Canadiana, ontario.

birthed: 2010-06-22


13 thoughts on “Review :: Tonetta – 777

  1. Nice review. This just came in the mail the other day…never heard of him but after one video I was hooked. It’s almost too much though, I figured it was something like wesley willis, he’s singing over casio demo’s but there is some insanely great melodies. He’s like some kind of silence of the lambs ariel pink.

  2. thank you for doing him justice with a fitting review!!!

    tonetta has been at this for so long and it is by the grace of the Lord that he was able to finally see his dedication manifest itself in a record

    be sure to order your LP soon, only 500 and then they’re gone

    i just got mine the other day and it has really improved the quality of my life

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  4. Woah, I’ve been aware of tonetta for a long time, but had absolutely no idea he was in Toronto. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was surprised.

    He needs to play some f-in’ local shows. Maybe I can work something out.

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  6. I actually find this guy incredibly creative. My favorite is “National Drug Day”. Just wish he would re-record it with a better mic! LOL

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