Review :: Hobo Cubes – Hypnotic Infinitum

Hobo Cubes
Hypnotic Infinitum
Montreal, QC

From the infinite hypnotism of Aaron Levin:
Existing within the submerged foliage of a hyper dimensional psychedelic jungle, Hypnotic Infinitum captures the untamed reverberations emanating from the core of unknowable places. At their centre there exists a triforce; a triumvareate of underwater libraries, astral exotica, and the granular brilliance of experimentation, from which Hobo Cubes emerge as a new wave of brilliant fringe mascinations. Yet another side project of the highly imaginative Francesco de Gallo (with some help from Bernardino Femminielli). The album is packaged beautifully by the die-cut masters from Patente. Amazing.
[audio:|titles=Hobo Cubes – Onde Astrali (w/ Bernardino Femminielli)] Hobo Cubes – Onde Astrali (w/ Bernardino Femminielli)
[audio:|titles=Hobo Cubes – AXXA] Hobo Cubes – AXXA

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