Review :: Tonstartssbandht – Midnite Cobras 7″

Midnite Cobras 7″
(Psychic Handshake)
Montreal, QC

From the digital pyramidi of Aaron Levin:
Midnite Cobras is a static departure from Tonstartssbandht’s choralic maximalism. They’ve emerged on Psychic Handshake with a pounding matrix of digimax psychedelia. Tremelodic falsettos soar above driving bass riffs and digital morphisms; a chaotic assemblage of divergent forces pushing diamond-tips to their aural limits. Synthesizers, harmonies, leads, distortion, and tape-warble abound, the brotherly duo file another bewildering disadjectified triumvirate of wave-forms. Do not even question the grip.
[audio:|titles=Tonstartssbandht – I’m a Welsh Souper] Tonstartssbandht – I’m a Welsh Souper
[audio:|titles=Tonstartssbandht – Electric Dragon Sword] Tonstartssbandht – Electric Dragon Sword

file under: 7", New Canadiana, quebec.

birthed: 2010-04-28


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