Review :: Pastoralia – Across Living Room Floors

Across Living Room Floors
(Self Released)
Halifax, NS

From the tuesday-night pasta of James Goddard:
I once had the good fortune to go drinking with underwater welders. I was left with the distinct impression that were I fonder of Whitesnake submarine metal-working might have been the life for me. Pastoralia, like underwater welding, is a strange combination of things; clown makeup, throw-back samples, and choreographed dance sequences all blended seamlessly with a power-pop trio. Mitchell Wiebe‘s vocals float disaffectedly over thalassic bass lines and discarded C&C Music Factory beats. What Pastoralia do may be more akin to making collages out of US Weekly in a wading pool than actual under-water welding, but isn’t that just a matter of scale?

Pastoralia – Daddy Daughter Dance

Pastoralia – Fucshia of Architecture

file under: compact disc, New Canadiana, nova scotia.

birthed: 2010-04-09

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