New Canadiana :: Majical Cloudz – Majical Cloudz

Numbers Station are solidifying themselves as Canada’s premier psychedelic cassette label, with more swirls of lysergic prowess and fractured dissertations from Montreal’s Majical Cloudz. This side-project from Pop Winds front-man Devon Welsh and Toronto-obscurity Matthew Duffy is further evidence of Montreal’s hidden fortress of L.S.Druids, hitting record on the boom-box as they obsecrate the altar of left-field pop occultism. The cassette sifts through your mind like a dream: blissful meanderings through fields of granular echo; pop one minute and droning visions of euphoria the next. To be played at full stone.

Notre ancien contenu doit encore être traduit. Merci pour votre patience: (

Majical Cloudz – Animal

Majical Cloudz – Clown Drunk

file under: cassette, New Canadiana, quebec.

birthed: 2010-04-07


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  2. eh. ya!. i’m emigrating to the wonderful city, so hopefully more work shall become. thx to all, who like, dreams, of site and sounds will always spill over to the pronominal-emotional places of your view.

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