Review :: Grimes – Geidi Primes

Geidi Primes
(Arbutus Records)
Montreal, QC

From the Kimono-draped androgyny of Aaron Levin:
Geidi Primes is a landmark album of modern Canadian fringe, an assemblage of space-station pop memorabilia teleported from a time-static nether-zone beyond the scope of our earthly understanding. I’ve been waiting months for this, posting anxious pleas to Grimes after hearing the sinuous, harrowing bass-line on Rosa. With the curiously packaged cassette in my fiending grip, the orbiting swaths of synthetic warmth and echoing drum-machines have caused exciting astral projections outside my usual mental musicalia. Geidi Primes takes off from Rosa’s minimal bass-lines and launches straight into a strange hybrid of Björk, The Cure, Micachu, and other avant seamstresses, leaving a footprint in every decade and thankfully landing in ours. Chord progressions and samples are pulled from any source imaginable and the aggregation results in a Kate Bushian trail of decadence. It seems pointless and restrictive attempting to describe its brilliance, so I’ll stop with this: Geidi Primes is a flagship of hyperbolic dimensions. Get on board.
[audio:|titles=Grimes – Rosa] Grimes – Rosa
[audio:|titles=Grimes – Venus In Fleurs] Grimes – Venus In Fleurs
[audio:|titles=Grimes – Zoal, Face Dancer] Grimes – Zoal, Face Dancer
[audio:|titles=Grimes – Sardaukar Levenbrech] Grimes – Sardaukar Levenbrech

file under: cassette, New Canadiana, quebec.

birthed: 2010-01-20


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