Departure :: Lightdreams – 10,001 Dreams (1983)

10,000 Dreams
(Self Released)
Victoria, BC
Originally Released: 1983

From the cassette-gripping hands of Aaron Levin:
There is a universe inside the mind of Victorian Paul Marcano unlike anyone has or could have imagined. After self-releasing Islands in Space (Paul’s 1981 cosmic folk consecration to the colonization of space released under the moniker Lightdreams), Paul seemingly disappeared into the serene pastures of Vancouver Island with only a brief mention of a new cassette available in an issue of CLEM (Canadian List of Electronic Music). Almost mistakenly lumped in with left-field Canadian avant-gardism, 10,001 Dreams takes a leave of absence from the ambient, synthesizer-driven visuals of Islands in Space to craft a wild, lysergic-filled journey into pan-delic psych and guitar workouts, stretching our understanding of pop-psych and bursting our tiny minds with visions of unfound landscapes. It is thee underground psychedelic masterpiece from Canada; released 15 years too late on a format no one cared about and relegated to absolute obscurity shortly thereafter. The cassettes were made-to-order and incredibly rare. Paul remains a visionary of human experience and is dedicated to experimenting with music and virtual reality.
[audio:]Lightdreams – Who is the One
[audio:] Light Dreams – 10,001 Dreams

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6 thoughts on “Departure :: Lightdreams – 10,001 Dreams (1983)

  1. “Who is the one” sounds very much like Al Simones, or I guess it’s the other way around. This is great. You should reissue this with an OBI like Daily Dance.

  2. As I wrote you in my email I am thrilled by the depth of apparent insight you are showing in your comments about 10,001 Dreams, it is humbling to think it has had such an impact on a listener of your broad range of tastes. Thank you, many times over for your expressed enthusiasm for my music, keeping in mind of course that the contributions of Andre Martin, Corey Rhyon and John Walker on Islands in Space were key elements of what rounded that album out full spectrum. Corey and Andre returned on side two of 10,001 Dreams to help me weave the rich tapestry found on that long ascent into deep spacial states of pure auditory exploration and mind expansion. Some great moments were crystalized on both those projects and I appreciate on behalf of everyone involved the durability and review you are giving them here. Thank you, Thank you. :-)

  3. These songs are fantasic – they definitely have a ‘vinyl’ feel to them (if that is a suitable way of describing their sound). Reminds me somewhat of Black Mountain, who are from Vancouver.

  4. Ok gang, the message has got through and a I really appreciate the encouragement! I have indded mastered 10001 Dreams to a nice digital download which actually includes the full cassette version and a cool remake of the cover art – unlike the limited space available on audio CDs – the download includes all of it. No remixing or altering of the original except for a small patch job over a section that got tape damaged on my master… be interesting to see if anyone can find the spot! Anyway head over to my Complete Catalogue of original albums 1972-2014 if you would like a copy of this double album – – Cheers and thanks again for your insightful aoppreciation. :-)

  5. UPDATE: I recently signed a licensing agreement with Guerssen/Got Kinda Lost Records to release a small re-issue of 500 Islands in Space and the double album 10,001 Dreams on Vinyl, CD/Digital — tentative release for Islands in Space is November 2014 with 10,001 Dreams to follow shortly thereafter?… will keep you posted as things develop. Digital downloads of all my albums, as always are available through my website web catalogue spanning from 1972 to today.

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