Review :: GreyScreen – Permastruct

Greyscreen - Permastruct GreyScreen
(Bart Records)
Calgary, AB

From the GameBoy™-gripping hands of Jesse Locke:
As far as music made on old school handheld video game systems goes, GreyScreen (a.k.a. Bart Records founder and retro pop culture fanatic Kevin Stebner) is the Michael Jordan of Caddilacs. The Charles Bronson of Chiptune? From the immaculate Value Village bargain bin packaging to the poetic RPG-inspired song titles (and of course the 8-bit chirps, burps and bleeps that make up these 22 songs), everything about GreyScreen’s debut tape reminds of a more innocent time spent agonizing over Alien Olympics 2044 AD in your parents’ basement. Of course, Stebs also uses modern technology like Nanoloop and LSDJ to concoct these micro-epics, but his DIY punk rock ethos is maintained all the same. Need more proof? Check his killer cover of Black Flag’s “Spray Paint” by downloading this comp.
[Levin’s Note: The world was so much simpler when everyone had a Gameboy™. All a we had to do was level-up and the monsters went away. How do the kids sleep at night today? Look back to the dot-matrix; listen to the trailing ends of MIDI; and always remember to keep a fairy in the jar. Poppa don’t hit me no mo’.]
[audio:] Greyscreen – The Sea in Jars
[audio:] Greyscreen – Water Drawn from Wells
[audio:] Greyscreen – From Heaven Fought Stars

file under: alberta, cassette, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2009-12-23


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