Review :: Brazilian Money – Friendly Neighbor EP

Brazilian Money - Friendly Neighbor EP

The immense planning that entailed Wyrd Fest resulted in a deep, sexual relationship between myself and Wicked Awesomes! guitar-player Tyler. During one of our many Magic-ticket-making missives, he looked in my eyes and whispered: “Aaron, have you heard our bass player’s solo project?” That was my first foray into the wildly contagious world of Brazilian Money. Fast-forward a month and I finally have some “official” recordings. It was sudden impact: vocalist-and-everything-else-as-well Garret’s grizzled nasal, his omnifarious pop-filtrations, and the swampy sensations ensnaring every ear-movement. I was knocked-out, surprised and excited by the EP’s stranglehold. Thankfully, with every listen came newly rewarding energies. A recommended soundtrack for the shower (replacing my current shower favorite: Mobb Deep’s Tha Infamous). Sing along and get clean, mayne.

L’immense programmation qui impliquait Wyrd Fest s’est terminée en une profonde relation sexuelle entre moi et le joueur de guitare des Wicked Awesomes!, Tyler. Durant une de nos multiples missives de Magic-ticket-making, il a regardé dans mes yeux et a chuchoté: “Aaron, as-tu entendu le projet en solo de notre joueur de basse?” Ce fut ma première percée dans le monde sauvagement contagieux de Brazilian Money. Avancez d’un mois et j’ai finalement quelques enregistrements “officiels”. C’était un impact soudain; vocaliste-et-tout-autre-chose-aussi du ricanement nasal de Garret, sa filtration pop de toutes sortes et les sensations marécageuses piégeant chaque mouvement d’oreille. Je fus assommé, surpris et excité par l’emprise du EP. Heureusement, avec chaque écoute viennent de nouvellement satisfaisantes énergies. Une piste recommandée pour la douche (remplaçant ma présente chanson favorite de douche: Tha Infamous de Mobb Deep). Chante en chœur et laves-toi, mayne.

Brazilian Money – We Could Just Stay (In The Dead Of Night)

Brazilian Money – Ghetto Lungs, GET ALONG NOW

Brazilian Money – Why Am I Still Standing Here

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birthed: 2009-12-18


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    • Hahaha! HYGENE ON BLAST!

      I certainly didn’t shower for like a week when I was staying with you in MTL ;)

      But, with my new job, I find myself stepping into the wash-zone more often than I’m comfortable with.


      Aaron Levin

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