Review :: Omon Ra / Chris d’Eon

Omon Ra / Chris d'Eon Split Cassette Omon Ra / Chris d’Eon
Omon Ra / Chris d’Eon
(Divorce Records)
Halifax / Montreal, NS / QC
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Divorce Records found an odd paring between Omon Ra and Chris d’Eon. In what will likely become a flag-ship release within Canada’s psychedelic tapestry, we (finally) see the benefits of our quilting of culture. Within both sides of this cassette are woven threads of proven psychedelic fybre: Chris d’Eon channeling streams from the Eastern source and Omon Ra from the western rhythmic pop-lysergia. Chris d’Eon occupies the entirety of Side A with a long, progressive track based around (what I’m assuming is) guitar, tabla, and sitar. It’s a classic trip that reaches quick perfection as it touches on John Fahey, Sandy Bull, and Shawn Philips, amongst other masters of the folk communion. Side B captures Omon Ra conjuring ethereal, western acid with layered vocals, distorted drones, and subdued-pop. It’s catchy, droney, vaguely-emotional, and a certified trip. Omon Ra will become a leading creative mind in Canada and I’m assuming there’s a lot more at the source. Grip it before it’s sold out and let it resonate with the subtleties of your subconscious, causing vibrations within your inner-mind; channel the stars, night, and that weird star-wars looking dude on the cover. Recommended for late-night listening. Alone.
[audio:] Omon Ra – It’s So Nice To See You All Again
[audio:] Chris d’Eon – Dhikr Remembrance of God (snippet)

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birthed: 2009-10-06