Review :: Friendo – Cold Toads

Friendo - Cold Toads Friendo
Cold Toads
(Self Released)
Calgary, AB

From the stalagmite-riddled collection of Paul K Lawton:
Tough going for any band that automatically assumes the rank of “supergroup”, especially when only one member of said band is in group of international renown (band in question: Women, who currently hold rank of “biggest band in Calgary”, though they would all be pretty embarrassed if you brought that up in polite conversation). For those paying attention to the (at times) white-hot Calgary music scene, the other two members of Friendo hail from noted groups Puberty (on hiatus until further notice) and Beija Flor. Like the best groups that achieve rank of “super”, Friendo retain the elements that make all respective groups compelling in the first place – the swirling, lo-fidelity soundscapes of Women (though, like Women, this is a warm and crisp lo-fidelity), the angular-yet-soft abrasion of Puberty and the gentleness and sense of melody of Beija Flor. Cold Toads could very easily be a lost K-Records release, the recording of these songs giving them a timeless-yet-dated feel, where you can’t help but feel like you’ve already fallen in love with these songs and they are coming back into your life at the exact right time. A stunning debut if there ever was one.
[Levin’s Note: I’d like to give a big f***-you to Paul Lawton for reviewing this cassette before me. This is really blowing me away; “swirling, lo-fidelity” to say the least. And a perfect album for the cassette format. This may replace Sans AIDS as my favorite 90s mellow-jam of the year. Maybe.]
[audio:] Friendo – Liner
[audio:] Friendo – Callers
[audio:] Friendo – Counter Time

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birthed: 2009-10-13


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  1. I was just about to send one of these to you Aaron, when I got you The Comp.

    If you want one you should actually try Bart Records here: – I’ve still got two copies left, so hurry. These were limited to 50.

    and there are a few copies of it still at Sloth Records in Calgary on the Bart disply. Rep it!

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