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Red Mass - Red Mass Red Mass
Red Mass
(Psychic Handshake)
Montreal, QC

In some dank Montreal basement lays a dormant time-machine once used to transport Danzig into an alternate future. Encapsulated in blistering walls of noise, terrifying amounts of vocal delay, and a pulsating bass-line churning the earth below this nether-now, Red Mass channels the greatest parts of Danzig’s baritone insanity into the type of anthemic punk whose mere existence creates time-signatures in our musical cosmos. Thus, there is no point of reference for Red Mass’ debut EP. It is everything all the time at all times, now and into the future. Psychic Handshake really outdid themselves with their second release here, taking a risk on ex-CPC Gangbang‘s Choyce and his 10+ collective comprising Red Mass. And to top it all off, someone is playing a melodica on Terrorizer, one of the most driving rock songs of this decade. The MP3s do not give the low-end on this EP enough justice, so try to find the vinyl. Killer.
[audio:] Red Mass – Terrorizer
[audio:] Red Mass – Radio Radio

file under: 12", New Canadiana, quebec.

birthed: 2009-09-14