New Canadiana :: Actual Water – Leon

Actual Water - Leon Actual Water
(Telephone Explosion)
Toronto, ON

From the private mind garden of Jesse Locke:
As far as awesome-sounding made-up genres go, Actual Water’s self-described ‘nature punk’ is right up there with GOBBLE GOBBLE’s ‘flu pop’, the Bayonets!!!’ ‘now wave’ and Nu Sensae’s ‘voodoo punk’. It’s also a bit of a red herring, as you’d be hard pressed to compare the music of this Toronto trio to anything in nature, except perhaps when listening to the bird calls on the 35-minute drone piece “Zodiac Letters” which spans the entirety of Leon‘s side B. During a recent visit to Toronto and Rotate This, I was lucky enough to snatch up a copy of this cassette, and it’s now sitting near the top of my favourite finds of 2009. Sounding like a more blown-out Japanther or a friendlier Intelligence, Actual Water slather their hooks with hiss, chiming razor-blade riffs and trashy Trashmen hollers.
[audio:] Actual Water – Open Votes
[audio:] Actual Water – Pencil Legged

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birthed: 2009-09-07

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