Review :: Peace – Slow Children

Peace - Slow Children Peace
Slow Children
(Reluctant Recordings)
Vancouver, BC

The bombs were going off in my mind as I watched Peace for the first time mere hours ago. Peace has been Edmonton’s secret obsession since Dan Geddes, singer and guitarist from everyone’s favorite Bummers, left for Vancouver and formed this unique trek into hi-fi indie-rock pastures with a few other Edmonton ex-pats. Searing above Peace’s late-period post-punk jangle is Dan’s unique voice, recorded way in the front so his anthemic chants, hollers, and laconic-yet- surreal lyrics direct you to the corners of his frayed and ingenious existence. It’s easy to fall in love with everything Peace is about; it’s weird and hip, with their angular guitar riffs, rolling bass-lines, and Dan’s bizarre vibrato, but seemingly straight enough to blast in your mom’s car as you drive to Red Lobster waiting to suck down a juicy shrimp platter whilst convincing your litter sister that, yes, Peace will be her favorite band once she tires of Morrissey and The Fall. Which is why the bombs have gone off and I’m not going out on saturday night. Highly recommended. I want to keep gushing; so just listen to the damn mp3s already.
[audio:] Peace – I Forget
[audio:] Peace – Saturday Night

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birthed: 2009-08-21

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