Review :: Cresting – An E.P.

Cresting - An E.P. Cresting
An E.P.
(Fixture Records)
Montreal, QC

I was not prepared for Cresting’s beautiful basement-pop macabre. I had a fist-full of spaghetti (dinner related) half-way through An E.P. when I suddenly realized my whole environment had changed. The combinations of cassette-warmth and sharp, repetitive percussion drenched in brilliant grey-scale low-end formed continuous sequences of pop hyperbole too advanced for my supper preparations. With this in mind, An E.P. is suitable for: late-night/early-morning bike-rides, not being homeless and waking up in a park at 2pm, realizing you got punched in the face because you’re 16 and deserved it, blowing cigarette smoke into a flashlight so you can pretend you’re film-noir, and contemplation. I’m at the contemplation stage of my Cresting cycle so let me gush: this album is thoroughly convincing, clever, innocent, wonderful, pastiche, subtle, and vivid. Do the right thing and listen while you’re sitting down. And make sure you purchase the beautifully packaged CD from Fixture Records whose aesthetic reminds me that compact discs are still a viable format.
[audio:] Cresting – Sashes
[audio:] Cresting – Sprained Ankle

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