Safe language.

Feral Children - Currents Feral Children
(Self Released)
Saskatoon, SK

Feral Children is the 2009 electronic Tim Buckley; a forward-thinking, genre-hybridization of trends existing in the ethers of our musical consciousness. Where Tim Buckley channeled jazz, folk, and psychedelia to produce “emotional bellowing from the depths of a drug vortex” (dr. lloyd – waxidermy), Feral Children interpolates the fluxes of psychedelic-pop brewing on the borders of electronic music. His new songs are poppier, thicker, and voluminous; yet they conjure the same looping-pedal+drum-machine pop-lysergia present on his first album – now with more low-end, more psych, and more dance. It’s a welcomed progression we rarely see on sophomore albums. A+++++++, fast shipping, will listen again.
[audio:] Feral Children – Safe Language
[audio:] Feral Children – Your Head Inside My Voice

file under: compact disc, New Canadiana, saskatchewan.

birthed: 2009-07-17


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