New Canadiana :: Sean Nicholas Savage – Summer 5000

Sean Savage - Summer 5000 (Self Released, Edmonton, AB, 2008)

Legend has it Sean once performed naked, painted entirely blue to a room full of teens. I say legend because it’s so damn fitting. Cementing himself on the CJSR Top 30 for almost 5 months (spending two months at number one), it was no doubt that his perfect DIY pop effort resonated with all; young and old; naked and clothed; 16 year-old high-school thug and 27 year-old burn-out Music Director. The 8-song, 20 minute album was rereleased on Arbutus Records when Sean left the prairies for a life in Montreal. All the songs were recorded by Sean directly to an MP3 recorded using a process I still do not understand. He wrote a lot of songs. A lot. And many of them are great. Many of them.

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